Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Love, snow and Gossip.

Continuing to prove that for some reason the character of Blair Waldorf is simply devolving this season back into her former bratty and annoying self, Pink is the New Blog has photos of her kissing Nate on set. This is both good and bad - as wtf why Nate? I thought that was like, so, totally, omfg over. Chuck is so much more interesting! But on the flip side, thank god Nate finally has something other to do besides look pretty and get all googly over Vanessa.
Maybe Vanessa will make out Chuck?! Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr [That's her name right? I don't feel like hitting up Wiki] are dating in real life anyway. Supposedly. Allegedly. Maybe.
Anyway, here you go. All this picture really proves is that New England/Middle Colonies weather is wonky, as yesterday it was like 75 degrees here and today it fucking snowed. Touche Al Gore, touche.

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