Friday, December 5, 2008

I love anyone who can rhyme golddigger and twitter.

I love me some Kanye, but I think I love me some Stephen Colbert more. And you have to give Stephen credit for starting a feud with Kanye voluntarily, as I am sure 50 Cent probably wouldn't even do that.

Kanye may claim that he is "the voice of a generation of this decade" but all his computer prowess amounts to is blogging in all caps. Stephen on the other hand has managed to get followers to fuck up the Wikipedia article for elephants, get a bridge in Hungary named after him, got George Lucas himself to participate in his Star Wars-themed green screen challenge, and most impressively launched an actual vaguely legitimate presidential campaign. Sponsered by Doritos! [If I wasn't so enamored with Barack Obama and his ears I probably would have written Stephen's name in on the ballot]

Now the Colbert Nation has managed to knock Kanye off the top spot on iTunes, and in response Kanye has unleashed a venemous attack via Twitter [?!] saying, "Who the fuck is Stephen Colbert?" The Colbert Nation was probably unwittingly aided by BritBrit, as Circus is apparently killing it in sales, so chances are Kanye's days at #1 were numbered anyway. But apparently, A Colbert Christmas is at number 2 and 808s & Heartbreak is now at number 4. So congrats Stephen!

I have to say that I am totally on Team Stephen when it comes to this feud, as I am all about good natured and simulanteously hillarious internet sabotage. But now that Stephen has taken on the American presidential race, iTunes, and the entire country of Hungary - what else is left for him? Getting a spot in the Obama cabinet? Rigging all the phone lines so he wins American Idol? Getting all professional team mascots [not just for the Saginaw minor league hockey team] named after him? Actually winning an Emmy and not losing to some random singer/ entertainer long past his prime?

Anyway, the video is fucking hilarious. And please, please, please Kanye go on the Colbert Report. You can totally be his new token black friend! Hurry before Stephen asks 50 Cent instead.

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