Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gossip Girl: Don't Cry For Me Argentina.

So many questions!

What kind of mother lets her teenage daughter go gallivanting around Argentina with her skeezy unwashed college-aged bf? Why does Erik only appear once every 3 months for 2.4 seconds? [It's like he lives in Brigadoon! What, too many musical references already?] Why does Little J refuse to wear pants? Why does Serena never wear appropriate clothing, whether it is for Thanksgiving dinner or her step-father's funeral or breakfast with grandma? What kind of bakery actually makes apricot muffins? Why is Chuck Bass freakin' hot even when he is a straight up hot mess? And most importantly, is Lincoln Hawk the greatest band that never was?! [You know, aside from Spinal Tap.]

Seriously, if Lincoln Hawk released that one song that they apparently have I would buy it because its hella catchy. And I would probably buy both versions off iTunes - the rocking version from that Rolling Stone made-up "Forgotten Bands of the 90s" soiree and the sad sitting alone in my Williamsburg loft acostic version from tonight's show. CW, why have you not thought about this cross promotion?! And Rolling Stone when are you actually releasing your "Forgotten Bands of the 90s" list? Now that Barack is elected and Britney is come-back'ed you must be running out of stuff to put on your cover.

UPDATE: So apparently, you can buy this song on iTunes as it is on the Gossip Girl soundtrack. But alas, you can only get it if you download the entire album. Laaaaaaaaaame. Thank god YouTube is here to fulfill my obsession. Also, who sings this song really?


People died and secret love babies were revealed and stuff, so maybe I should talk about that.

Okay, is it just me or is this whole "accident" still unsatisfyingly mysterious? I thought the PI was in the limo with Bart, so why is he still kickin' it around town? Whatever. This show lets teenagers into New York bars without even a fake ID, so I probably shouldn't question their car accident logistics.

And, um, Emmy for Ed Westwick please? Allright, that might be a much - but come on! When that single tear ran down his face when Blair embraced him a tear almost formed in my eye. Almost. But his drunken ranting and raving and near throw down with Dan was awesome, and Chace Crawford look frightened the entire time, like he was afraid he might accidently get wailed in his beautiful face.

And Elinor and the English teacher from Clueless are cute! There is no way Aaron is his son btw - who did that casting?! The only good thing I can say about Aaron is that he gave a shout out to the Rhode Island and Providence Plantations when he told Dan he had a 401 area code [represent!]. But seriously, is he still in school @ RISD? Because I mean I know the Prov and New York aren't that far apart, but shouldn't he still be here in Providence with me? Well, not with me. I wouldn't want him standing within 20 feet of me.

And the simple fact that Rufus and Lily have a love child better not be the end of this story - I mean it's scandalous but not scandalous. If these people are supposedly representative of the Upper East Side, it makes me believe shit like this goes down all the time and that there is probably more than one love child floating about. So who is the secret child? Serena? Erik? Blair? Aaron? Dorota? Time will hopefully tell.

Alas, I have to wait a month for new GG - lame! And I swear to god if Chuck Bass actually falls to his death as the preview promises I will probably cry. Well not really, but he better not die!!!11

And while Serena is off enjoying Xmas in Argentina I will be spending it in Detroit [joy!]. Maybe I will just go listen to Evita.

The Madonna version of course.

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