Monday, May 11, 2009

OMFG a Gossip Girl Live Blog!

Live blog this episode of Gossip Girl!? Why the fuck not!

-credits excla!

-whoa, in Malibu already. not wasting any time on this flashback nonsense.

-the word "like" has already been uttered. This ep is called Valley Girls after all.

-are the humphrey childrens drinking wine?!

-Jenny had more lines in that scene than in this entire season.

-slow walk down the hall + slo mo flashbacks = of course.

-whoa! snap serena! Way to tell off your own mother.

-CeCe! Welcome back!

-So this ep will be stupid, I can tell already at the first commerical break. I hate when TV shows try to push spin-offs in with the original show, as going between the 2 story lines usually gives me a headache.

-iPhone commercial- is there a make your own Gossip Girl blog app?! You say there is an app for everything!

-Why are the flashbacks shot in sepia tone!? Its the 1980s, not the fucking 1880s.

-Is it just me or was Britney Snow not always this bad an actress?

-Did CeCe really get that old in just 26 years?!

-Casting Andrew McCartney in an 80s flashback is pretty genius actually. I think he is still playing his Pretty In Pink character in this episode.

-Lily in her convertible with her luggage driving down the California freeway looks like the opening of The Hills, 80s style.

-Serena is still in jail?!

-Mullet and a girlfriend. Obvs.


-"The fact that you are on an actual pay phone makes me nauseous."

-I can't decide if I dig that dress or not Blair.

-Nate. Bitch please. Like Chuck would stoop to a high school stunt like sabotaging prom.

-Convenient that Lily's sister has never been mentioned before, eh?

-Commerical break! Sketchers still sells shoes?!!?!

-Is Lily at the Peach Pit?! Crossover potential!

-This guy is not hot, btw.

-Pretty Woman crossover!!

-Omg this quick editing is about to give me a seizure.

-All this Dan-Lily interaction lately makes me hope for Dan-MILF hookup. Scandalous! We already know Dan is hot for teacher, so would it be that big a stretch to think he was hot for ex-gf's mother/possible step-mom? Nope, that's gross. Forget it.

-OF COURSE there is an 80s fashion montage.

-"Is this the moment you fall in love with me?" Is this flashback dialogue a joke!?

-NO DOUBT. [The band, and the answer to my above question.]

-Seriously, this dialogue is a joke.

-Oh snap Carol was on Gilmore Girls!

-"To the Impala!" Was that just said on GG!?

-Um, why did I think prom would be a bigger deal on GG?!

-Even Chuck's ensemble is a little disappointing. Where are the sequins!? Let down!

-This whole changing in the cab scene is straight out of 27 Dresses. If Dan had seen that movie he would have known to threaten to give the driver less money to keep him from peeking.

-Could we throw any more 80s cliches into one scene?! Madonna rosaries, Rubik's cube, birth of Mtv, etc etc.

-Cue sad music!

-Awww Rufus and Lily heart to heart. Which actually did not end well. Oops.

-Not gonna lie, I kind of want Lily's shoes.

-"Keep an eye on her." Code for: We will make out soon.

-Even Serena's dress is blah! GG I am so disappointed!

-OMG Dan's dancing........?!

-Dancing montage?! OF COURSE someone knocks Lily and Diner Dude together.


-Seriously, stop with this editing!!!!!!!!!!!1

-I just realized there was a Van der Woodsen shout out, as I forgot that isn't Lily's name yet.

-WORST fight scene evah.

-Roommate just returned. She is finished with classes! Therefore missed scene wherein Blair crown Prom Queen. Oh well.

-Lily's mugshot is not nearly as cute as Nicole Ritchie's.

-Aw look at the parallels bewteen the generations. Good job writers. Or something.

-I like CeCe's scarf. Chuck should be wearing shit like that.

-Okay so the tiara is awesome. And I hate tiaras.

- My roommate and I are discussing bad haircuts. Welcome to the 80s bitches.

-Is this bus scene a rip off The Graduate?!

-SEASON FINALE next week!

-Um, so. Worst episode of GG ever?

So apparently the Lily spin-off isn't actually going to be picked up...rumors were because the CW didn't have the money or whatevs, but now we all know the truth. The truth is the show would have sucked. Way to dodge the bullet CW.


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