Thursday, May 7, 2009

Assorted & Unnecessary Gossip Girl Miscellany.

1. This website is awesome.

Everyone knows Chuck Bass is better dressed than the majority of woman on the Upper East Side, so its about time someone devoted an entire website to simultaneously mocking and gawping in awe at his fashion decisions. So thank you What Chuck Wore, for filling that void. And for being awesome.

2. Why doesn't the entire GG cast just get together and form a band, like The Partridge Family?

So Leighton Meester is apparently working on an album, and Ed Westwick is in a band called Filthy Youth because if Chuck Bass was in your band what else could you possibly call yourself, and now Taylor Momsen is in a band called Pretty Reckless which apparently just played their first gig in New York. I know just simply on principle I should hate it - Little J trying to be rock star, wearing clothes she clearly stole from the GG closet during that Jenny-Gone-Wild arch of episodes. But....I think I kinda like it? Sure, her voice isn't stellar but if you're in a grungy bar band all you have to do is growl and howl convincingly and she couldn't look any more like a wannabe-Courtney Love if she tried [And let's be honest, she tried].
But if I was drunk at that bar I would be probably cheer loudly - only issue, please Taylor stop making literal motions of the words you sing. That's just lame.

3. Target + Gossip Girl = <3

For one of their upcoming partnerships with designers Target is pairing up with Anna Sui to release a GG inspired line of clothes available for a limited time this fall. Gossip Girl has amazing clothes, and Target is my favorite store because it is cheap yet awesome so basically I couldn't have come up with a better combination if I tried. Target will you sell this green coat and these yellow shoes? Because I really want them. Not the dog though.

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