Sunday, April 5, 2009

This blog has degenerated into a Chuck Bass fan blog basically.

It looks like Gossip Girl is filming its prom episode, which is always the best episode of any teen drama [Also the best episode Grey's Anatomy ever had! Because its doctors act like teenagers!]. And as per usual, Chuck Bass does not disappoint. Note:

I know only 4 people watch the CW, but what, can they not afford a new umbrella for freakin' Chuck Bass?! [And is it safe to make Rihanna jokes again?]


I kinda feel like in this picture Chuck is going to offer Nate
a spoon full of sugar, dance with some animated penguins, have a carousel horse race and then disappear on the wind with his trusty umbrella while Dan and Jenny fly kites. Or is that just me?

Not prom, but worth gawking at:

Yesterday as I was walking to the bank I saw someone approaching who I thought was a friend, but he was wearing bright green pants so I refused to believe it was actually him. I didn't really want to talk to someone wearing green pants in public, but turns out it was him, and since he never wears green pants I talked to him anyway and gave him the benefit of the doubt and assumed it was laundry day. This is how Nate feels as well.

Mildly terrifying:

Brush your damn hair Ed Westwick. You look like a meth addict. Or Joaquin Pheonix. Nvm. That was redundant.

The big shocker in the season finale:

You know that shot in every disaster movie of random New Yorkers stopping in the middle of the street and staring up at the incoming alien spaceship/comet/asteroid/exploding sun/giant lizard? This is Chuck looking up at the approaching Dorota-saurus, who threatens to kill everyone on the UES by hurling giant pierogi at them.

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