Monday, January 26, 2009

Yay/ Nay.


Inauguration Day.

Look, I don't really know anything about politics but I know that I freakin' love Barack Obama - probably for all the wrong reasons actually, but I don't even care. He makes me feel all hopey [that's an acceptable word now, btw] and his adorable ears send my heart into patriotic palpitations. If you will note, we now have a badass for president:

And as if that weren't enough we have Sasha and Malia, who let's be honest, are hella cute. I especially loved that Malia had her digital camera out and was filming her dad give a speech only 43 other people in the world have given. AOL is annoying and won't let me c/p this adorable picture of Malia taking a picture of her dad posing in his tux about to head out to the inaugural balls - lame! When that girl gets to be old enough, can you imagine her Facebook page?! Maybe she has one already, kids these days grow up so fast. If she already has one, I am sure she has a photo album called "My Daddy's Inauguration." I have one called "HAPPY HALLOWEEN BITCHES." We clearly lead different lives. They also dress way better than me:

Inauguration was so much fun in fact that I didn't even really mind this - In fact I kind of liked that um, hat, considering it's from Mr. Song's Millinery which I go past all the time. Way to rep the D Aretha.


There is a delicate balance to the way the world works and it goes like this - England makes something cool, and like a year and half later we finally realize it and steal it. The Beatles. Led Zeppelin. Arctic Monkeys. Our country. You know. I wasted a lot of my Christmas break watching this show on YouTube and its basically like Gossip Girl but better - because its England they can actually swear! Yay! It's been on for like two years already, but course us Yanks are just getting hip to it. I'm sure Dev Patel's new found success is helping, even though he's not on the show anymore - but he's still pretty hillarious as Anwar, the Muslim boy whose best friend is a gay dancer, and who is dating his best friend's stalker, and who lost his virginity to a girl named Anka who he helped escape from her abusive husband while he was on a field trip in Russia [Really, I didn't make any of that up]. But actually the only inducement you need to watch this show is the knowledge that its second season finale featured a car chase involving two high school boys and a stolen coffin and the sweet strains of Britney's "Oops...I Did It Again" playing in the background. Also, they staged a school play called Osama! The Musical. Pure gold.

This clip is weirdly sweet, even though I don't know what the fuck is up with the girl's hair, and both their necklaces are hideous:


I Will Be - Leona Lewis

My little brother has this theory that things that taste good, taste good together. I only half agree with this theory as sometimes its true - its the reason Reese's Peanut Butter Cups were invented - but on the other hand, I like Kung Pow chicken and I like lasagna but I don't really want Kung Pow chicken lasagna. This music video then is like Kung Pow chicken lasagna - I like Leona Lewis, and I find Chace Crawford uncommonly pretty. So in theory, Leona + Chace = good. Right? Except...its not good. All it proves is that Leona should never act, Chace can't act and wandering around a parking garage doesn't really make for a compelling video. This video was made like 10 years ago already and made better and its called Enrique Inglesias's Hero. When a video starring Enrique Inglesias [who I retroactively like], Jennifer Love Hewitt and Mickey Rourke is better than your video, you may have a problem. The problem is Leona tries to be classy but you can't do the bank-robbing-Bonnie-and-Clyde music video unless you're willing to make a video with Mickey Rourke. Who is now a Golden Globe winner and Oscar nominee, so you know, take that Leona.

Kung Pow Chicken Lasagna:

The start of the Mickey Rourke comeback:

Crazy Barack Shit.

Like, I said I love me some Barack but seriously, calm the fuck down America. A Barack Chia Pet? Unnecessary! Even more unnecessary? Barack condoms!!!
I still kind of want one though. The Chia Pet. Not the condoms.
Also, who knew CNN could make pot head jokes?!

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