Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gossip Girl: Jumper.

You know who could join Lincoln Hawk as one of the forgotten bands of the '90s? Third Eye Blind.

Remember that song Jumper? From like 1998? [The older I get, the more convinced I am that 1998 was an amazing year] It clearly should have been included in this episode as a homage to the late great '90s, and quite obviously fit in the Chuck Bass oops-I-am-hella-fucking-drunk-and-on-a-roof-ledge [near] suicide scene.

Whoever wrote this episode of GG apparently wrote it immediately after he/she read David Copperfield and/or Absalom! Absalom! as the whole orphange search and the kinda siblings macking out was a bit much. Pretty soon there will be long lost inheritances appearing, and dead old mummied corpses popping out of the woodwork. And it will be glorious! Actually, it won't be that glorious since I am such a loser that I actually list "hating on Faulkner" as one of my Facebook interests. So there ya go.

Also of interest, as I am home for the holidays I watched this episode of GG with my dad. Some of his comments:

"These are high school kids, right?"
"Yes, dad."
"And they drive around in limos and stuff?!"
"They are rich."

"That tall blonde girl is the Gossip Girl, right?"
"No dad, Gossip Girl is a blog."
"A what?"

On the Humphrey's loft: "If they are so rich why can't they afford to paint their door?!"
"Those people are not rich dad."
"This is confusing."

"These are high school kids, right?"
[repeat 30 times]

On Jenny: "She looks like a young Debbie Harry, dosn't she?"
[An amazingly astute musical reference considering less than a week ago he asked me if Jesse McCartney was Paul McCartney's son]

"Now that it's over can we watch something else?" [Proceeds to turn on PBS]

Lastly, Blair's little throw out comment to Uncle Jack about New Year's Eve was kind of weird - as it was a blink and you miss it moment. But judging by the previews, they probably got it on...and if that's the case they are lucky Blair just turned 18, otherwise they might not want to tell anyone about that.
Just watchin' your back Queen B.

Oh and also - is it just me or is Nate Archibald no longer a character on this show!?

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