Thursday, March 4, 2010


Obviously my Monday nights have no meaning without Gossip Girl, so this stretch of "Stop All Programming Because the Olympics Are On!" has been excruciating [Even if watching the Olympics means I discovered that Evan Lysacek is kinda attractive. But it also means I hate Sidney Crosby even more, so you know, trade offs. I may hate Sidney Crosby but I love love love this video of a crowd in Vancouver celebrating their hockey win. The guy in the maple leaf turban who goes CRAZY, starts dancing and runs smack into a dude who is now shirtless makes my heart glow with so much happiness:]

But this Monday night Chuck Bass comes back into our lives! And in honor of our favorite well dressed teenage cad returning, here's this video I found of Chuck Bass, Sr. [aka Don Draper] talking about his love of Gossip Girl!! Okay, actually its an interview of Jon Hamm talking about working with Blake Lively in the upcoming movie The Town, but whatever. Gossip Girl and Mad Men are like my two favorite things ever so just give me this one, okay?

1. "I'm a huge Gossip Girl fan, I can't tell you! My TiVo is stuffed with the adventures of Serena!"
2. "Serena VanDerHootenFourthThird."
3. ILoveYouJonHammLet'sGetMarried.

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