Monday, August 10, 2009, seriously, WTF?

Lately Ed Westwick has been testing my devotion - first by sporting a too tight Superman t-shirt, and then he showed up to the Teen Choice Awards yesterday rocking this unfortunate mess of an ensemble:

And if that photo wasn't enough to convince you, the Huffington Post is kind enough to offer this zoomed-in shot:

My brother, who like Chuck Bass has a penchant for wearing clashing plaid patterns at the same time, bow ties, and inappropriately colored pants sent me this message via Facebook upon seeing these photos:

"i am greatly disappointed in my hero."

I am too brother, I am too.

Also in WTF GG news, apparently the initials "WTF" are the new GG in "WTF: Watch This Fall." Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaah, that sound you hear is me groaning as well.

Apparently after the splash all those "OMFG" ads caused last year, the GG folks wanted to continue using slightly scandalous texting acronyms to drum up business - which in a way makes a lot of sense, considering Gossip Girl herself mainly operates by text/blogging. But those OMFG ads worked precisely because we all knew exactly what OMFG stood for and knew why it had to be kept in acronym form, lending a tad bit of danger to 8pm network TV programming - but giving WTF this new lame acronym is just that...pretty lame.

The CW just released a new trailer for the upcoming third season and sadly it too is pretty lame: it shows nothing we didn't already know, except for the fact that over the summer it appears Dan Humphrey's hair has gotten wonky. Vanessa is still making out with inappropriate men, Serena is still running around town doing something minorly slutty, Chuck Bass still wears suspenders, Dan is still trying to be an earnest do-gooder [And yay for him! That's what college was invented for!], Jenny still serves no discernible purpose and as always Blair gets the last say and the best lines:

Oh, and I just realized I forgot to mention Nate Archibald in that little roundup because I kind of forgot he existed. So yeah, this season will be the same as the last.

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