Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I have found the new Tom Brokaw.

This video is so great - Damon Weaver is a better journalist than a) half the people on TV right now and b) anybody who worked at the university newspaper with me back in the day. Some of his questions are hard son! This kid has straight up guts to tell the President to his face that all school lunches should consist of "french fries and mangoes," which let's be honest, would be AWESOME.
Damon also asks the President to "be his homeboy" after he tells him that "After I interviewed Vice President Biden, he became my homeboy." This kid is clearly a boss, as he is in elementary school and has already interviewed the President, Vice President, and according to his YouTube, Oprah. Dave Letterman is STILL complaining that Oprah won't come on his show, so you go Damon.
People have been falling over themselves to describe and analyze Barack Obama, but has anyone been as concise as Damon's final conclusion that "He's very tall and nice"? When is Damon's book coming out? Or maybe Nickelodeon needs a news anchor?

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