Thursday, July 23, 2009

Today in obvious news:

Vanessa is apparently going to be hooking up with the Lincoln Hawk Love Baby come fall. Because no one - and I do mean no one! - saw that awesome piece of plotting laid out before them at the end of the last season on GG.
So here they are macking out on the streets of NYC, courtesy of PITNB:

It should be noted that the LHLB looks to be about 12 in this photo - I think its a combination of the fact that Vanessa is towering over him Katie Holmes style and the fact that he is wearing a shirt which not only has pink sleeves but also makes him appear to have just gotten home from Little League practice.

Oh, and speaking of 12 year olds, let us also note this other montage from PITNB purely for the fact that Ed Westwick is wearing a Superman t-shirt

Someone remind me why I find Ed attractive again?

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