Sunday, December 6, 2009

The only time anyone associated with GG will be better than anyone associated with MM.

So in the battle of blondes from TV shows I am obsessed with hosting SNL, Blake Lively is the clear winner. Several weeks ago January Jones tried her hand at live television, and man, was it painful. Like, don't even bother looking it up on Hulu. But Blake was surprisingly...good?
I mean, I guess I should have known, Serena can be pretty unintentionally funny most of the time. And in the opening monologue she even made fun of the fact that she is a perpetually inappropriate dresser!! Though come on, that dress she's wearing is actually conservative by Serena's "winter clothes" standards:

Blake was probably also helped by the fact that there was actually mock worthy stuff going on in the world this week, so thanks Tiger Woods!!! [Yeah, sorry Tiger, until someone else fucks up you're going to get made fun of a lot] And of course since Blake is blond she gets to play his wife, just as of course since Keenen Thompson is the only African-American man on SNL he gets to play Tiger:

And I really don't have words for this sketch, except that its funny and even though she's not wearing pants I think Blake might be more covered up than in some of Serena's ensembles:

And I would say this send up of Gossip Girl is pretty good - because obviously if Blake Lively is hosting you need to send up GG - but it is NOTHING, and yes I do mean NOTHING, compared to the supreme brilliance that is Jersey Shore.

So this is satire:

And this is real life. Can you tell the difference?!

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