Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What the world needs now is Barack Obama's big ears.

Now that the election is over and I can stop defending my voting choices based on purely political reasons, I can come out and say the best thing about this past election is Barack Obama's big ears. [Also, CNN's wacky Princess Leia style holograms and giant touch screen state puzzle thing were fun!!!]

A list of all that is adorable in this world:

  1. Baby ducks.
  2. Puppies.
  3. Barack Obama's big ears.
  4. Barack Obama holding the puppy he will eventually buy his daughters. [yes, this has not happened yet, but I am sure it will be adorable]
Note, not all big ears are adorable - just Barack's are. George W. Bush has big ears, but they just make him look like a goof. If I had big ears they would probably look like fish fins.

Basically what I am trying to say is that I have a huge crush on Barack Obama. Whatevs. It will probably only last until January 20th, because then he will actually have to start doing stuff. Right now all he does is post YouTube videos where he paraphrases Langston Hughes and looks cute talking to 60 Minutes about the forthcoming puppy.

So yeah, I'll swoon on Inuaguration Day. And then I'll swoon when the puppy pictures are released.

And then I'll stop.

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